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ALS Intercept

Why every BLS Paramedic should take this course...

BC's First ever

You finally have the chance.....


- Understand the same tools, procedures, drugs and team dynamics 

that Emergency Physicians, RNs, RTs, ACPs and CCPs have during

high stress calls

- - Be confident and knowledgeable when having ALS on scene, or when having to help ER staff during cardiac arrest in the hospital.

You will obtain an Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), certificate recognized by:


- The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

- The American Heart Association.

- The Emergency Medical Assistant Licensing Board (EMALB) for

  20 CME credits!


   Advanced and Critical Care Paramedics will guide you in a non-judgemental, friendly environment.  You will have hands training with ALS equipment including: ECG monitors, endotracheal tube intubation, Intra-osseous access, cardiac medications, difficult airway tricks and tips, ECG interpretation and more.

Who can take the course...


3 simple Prerequisites:


- EMR or Primary Care Paramedic Certificate is needed, or 


- Complete the pre-study package, which will be emailed to you upon registration. Read the course manual: approx 8hrs total of pre-study is recommended.

- Complete the online pre-test (unlimited attempts)



I don't have much experience working with Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers, can I still take this course?

YES !  The purpose of the ALS Assist course is to help PCPs understand the ALS world, and become familiar with working with them either on scene or in the ER.

Can I get CME credits?

Yes, 20 CME credits are awarded to you for EMALB licensing.

Can a PCP be certified in ACLS?

Yes, although every PCPs must stay within their scope of 

practice in the field, you will learn new skills you can

implement in your current scope.

I want to become an Advanced Care Paramedic eventually, is this a good way to prepare?

Hands down, this is the best way to get a feel for the ACP program, and become familiar with the equipment used.

Can I practice these skills in the field?

Every PCP must stay within their scope of practice, however, becoming competent in these 

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