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Courtenay/Comox PALS

Pediatric Advanced Life Support
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PALS Provider (2 Day)
  • Heart and Stroke certified 2 day course where you will learn the next level of providing care in cardiovascular emergencies while focusing on pediatric assessments.  This course includes advanced rhythm recognition, respiratory emergency management, drug administration, and team dynamics to improve outcomes in cardiac emergencies.  

  • PALS is often known as the unofficial prerequisite to the Advanced Pediatric Life Support Course (APLS) required for residents who are entering emergency department internships.

  • Prerequisites : 

  • BLS HCP provider certification (current)

  • Complete the mandatory precourse Self-Assessment found at :


Cost: $390.00 + GST
(BLS HCP included)
PALS Renewal
  • This 1 day (8 hour) Heart and Stroke certified course will refresh the skills you have learned and prepare you to continue in your field of practice.  The Heart and Stroke Foundation requires that you must be within 2-years of your last PALS course to be eligible to take the 1-day Renewal course.

Cost: $290.00 + GST
(BLS HCP included)
PALS-ACLS-BLS Provider Combo
  • Heart and Stroke certified with one easy registration option.

  • A savings of 1 full day in class and the cost of booking these courses separately.

  •  3 Day course combining the skills and content needed to become certified at each level.

  • The BLS portion of the class is included and will be at no charge.

  • Note: Students must have current BLS certification as the BLS portion of this course is re-certification only.

Cost: $750.00 + GST
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