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Naturopathic Advanced Life Support

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Approved by
the college of naturopathic 
Naturopathic Advanced Life Support (NALS)
Valid for 2 years


NALS is and advanced emergency course specific for Naturopath Doctors (NDs). This newly developed course replaces both the need for certification in the prior requirement of Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) or the former Naturopathic Cardiovascular Life Support (NCLS).

ND's will need recertification in this course every 2 years. 

  • BLS can be included in the course if needed, provided that each physician has completed the online portion of BLS prior to the course. The Online portion of the BLS course can be found on the Heart and Stroke website:

  • The cost of the BLS certification is not included in the NALS course ($20 extra)

The NALS course will include reviews and learning in the following:
  • high-performance team dynamics and communication

  •  systems of care

  • recognition and intervention of cardiopulmonary arrest, acute dysrhythmia, stroke, and acute coronary syndromes, hypoglycaemia, opined overdose, IV injection complications, sepsis, pulmonary edema etc, seizures, anxiety disorders, pneumothorax, and shock.  

You will be able to reinforce concepts, undertake skills practice, receive coaching and correction, and refine your abilities.

What to bring to class: 

  • Please bring your own mask as we are practicing some restrictions due to COVID-19.​

  • Wear comfortable clothing as hands-on simulations are a part of the course.   

What you will receive

Valid for 1 year
Valid for 2 years
in your

Attend any ACLS, or NALS course

anytime during your certification 

to practice your skills.

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