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Course Cancellation, Refund Policy, and Waiver
​Student needs to cancel registration or to transfer to another date?
How to Cancel:
    - Cancelations must be made by email.

     - (Pre-March 17th 2020 registrants) If you email us to cancel your registration outside of 20 days of your originally scheduled course date, you will receive a full tuition refund* or the option to transfer to another date posted on our website based on availability, and approval from Life Safe Medical.

* An Administration fee of $100.00 will be applied to any student who cancels their course outside of the 20 days.  Students who need to re-register must be given permission from Life Safe Medical. (Students can not re-register for the original course in which they cancelled unless explicitly given permission from Life Safe Medical Training.)

* Due to recent events involving the Coronavirus, all registrations post March 17, 2020 will not be eligible for a refund.  We will, however, work with you to reschedule you to a later date.

- If no re-scheduling date is made within 30 days of the original cancellation notice given to Life Safe Medical Training, no re-scheduling offer will be available and the students original tuition paid to Life Safe will be considered forfeit.

- If you make the cancellation request via email to Life Safe Medical training within 20 days of the course date, no refund of your tuition fees will be available, however, you will be able to transfer to a date which must be approved by Life Safe Medical.  We will do our best to accommodate anyone who needs to cancel.

- "NO-SHOWS" we consider anyone who does not show up to class within 30 min of the scheduled start time, without contacting the instructor or office, or, failing to show up for a class, will forfeit their tuition for the course.

How to switch your course date:

     - You are allowed to switch your course to a different date at no charge, however, we must receive this request in writing within 7 days from the start of your course.  Exceptions can be allowed and will be treated on a case by case basis.  If the request to switch is made within the 7 days prior to your scheduled course, we reserve the right to consider you attending.  No shows will not be eligible to receive any refund.  

We need to cancel a course?


     - Life Safe's policy is that we do not plan to cancel any of the scheduled courses, however if we need to, we will ask you to switch to another course date if there is only one registrant for the course.  If you have registered for the BLS (or BLS Renewal) courses, we must have a minimum of 4 people registered to run the course.  You will be notified of the course cancelation as early as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you to another course date.

     - We do, however, reserve the right to cancel courses, change course location, or change instructors if we deem necessary for any reason.

     - If courses are cancelled due to an "Act of God" (including but not limited to; natural disasters, instructor transportation breakdown issues, course venues closing due to weather outbreak, pandemic, public safety, criminal activity, or situations beyond our control) Life Safe Medical Medical Training will:

     - transfer you to another available date


     - (at the discretion of the company) issue a refund.


VIHA discount:  

(currently this discount is unavailable)

     The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) discount is only applicable to current persons directly employed with VIHA employees. It is non-transferable, and must be redeemed during the purchasing of the original course. No refunds will be issued to VIHA employees, current or former employees, once the original purchase of a course has been made. A VIHA employee can not cancel a course, within any date prior to the course, and then sign up for the same, or a different course of the same type, in order to obtain the VIHA discount. Once the discount is applied to the purchaser, and if the purchaser is found to not be employed directly with VIHA, the purchaser will be charged the full price of the course listed on the website. If the full amount of the course is not received by the purchaser upon request from Life Safe Medical, Life Safe Medical then retains the right to hold in exchange the purchaser's submission of completion to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, for the original course, in which the purchaser is enrolled in.

For all course registrations:

     - Life Safe Medical Training does not assume any liability for cancellation of a course. Any ancillary costs related to the student taking a class (including but not limited to: Airfare, any travel costs, hotel, per-diem, mileage, lost employee wages or salary) are the responsibility of the student and/or the employer. If a class is cancelled, Life Safe Medical Training's liability is limited to the amount of the registration fee only and policies previously outlined.

Life Safe Medical Training reserves the right to dismiss any student from class for disruptive or inappropriate behavior.

Students who are disruptive or exhibit inappropriate behavior will be removed from class and no refund will be available to that student.

Courses have a maximum registration limitations based on regulatory requirements set out by the Heart and Stroke foundation. All registrations are taken based on a first registered/paid, first served basis.


     I (Student) understand that there are risks and dangers inherent in participating and/or receiving instruction in any of the Courses hosted by Life Safe Medical Training, hereinafter "Activity". I also understand that in order to be allowed to participate and/or receive instruction in Activity, I must give up my rights to hold Life Safe Medical Training liable for any injury or damage which I may suffer while participating and/or receiving instruction in Activity.

Knowing this, and in consideration of being permitted to participate and/or receive instruction in Activity, I hereby voluntarily release Life Safe Medical Training from any and all liability resulting from or arising out of my participation and/or receipt of instruction in Activity.

I understand and agree that I am releasing not only the entities set forth in the paragraph above, but also the directors, instructors, agents, and employees of those entities.

     I understand and agree that this Waiver/Release will have the effect of releasing, discharging, waiving and forever relinquishing any and all actions or causes of action that I may have or have had, whether past, present or future, whether known or unknown, and whether anticipated or unanticipated by me, arising out of my participation and/or receipt of instruction in Activity, except for the acts or omissions of Life Safe Medical Training, its directors, instructors, agents or employees which are found to be negligent by a court of competent jurisdiction.

     I understand and agree that this Waiver/Release applies to personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death which I may suffer, even if caused by the acts or omissions of others.

I understand and agree that by signing this Waiver/Release, I am assuming full responsibility for any and all risk of death or personal injury or property damage suffered by me while participating and/or receiving instruction in Activity.

I understand and agree that this Waiver/Release will be binding on me, my spouse, my heirs, my personal representatives, my assignees, my children and any guardian ad litem for said children.

I understand and agree that by signing this Waiver/Release, I am agreeing to release, indemnify and hold Life Safe Medical Training, its directors, instructors, agents or employees harmless from any and all liability or costs, including attorneys fees, associated with or arising from my participation and/or receipt of instruction in Activity.

I acknowledge that I have read this Waiver/Release Agreement and that I understand the words and language in it. I have been advised of the potential dangers incidental to participating and/or receiving instruction in Activity.

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