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PALS Blended Provider - Victoria

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Course Description:

This traditional 2 day course has now been altered to include a 1 day online, self paced component and the second day of the course will be completed in class with in-person instruction and skills assessments.
NOTE: If you need to cancel the course, and have completed or started the online components available, Heart and Stroke has an $85 non-refundable policy for all online components. This charge is NOT from Life Safe Medical, and will be in held in addition to the admin fee of $25.00 for canceling your course. Please see terms and conditions for more details.
Course layout:
As of June 2020, all courses have online components.
- Day 1: Is an online BLS component including the written exam.
- Day 2 (9am - 5pm): In-class instruction starting with BLS/PALS skills assessments, and scenarios with other participants.
You will be complete in PALS by the end of the second day.


- A current Heart and Stroke Basic Life Support Certificate - We offer BLS certification using an online component and in-class instruction on Day 2, this is included at no extra cost. Please note the course fee does not include the course manuals.

Course Manuals needed:
  • - PALS Provider Manual
  • - Emergency Cardiovascular Care 2020 (ECC
  • You can add the manuals to your purchase on our website.

What you will learn:

Heart and Stroke certified PALS course where you will learn the management of respiratory and/or cardiovascular emergencies and cardiopulmonary arrest in pediatric patients. including: advanced rhythm interpretation, drug administration, and team dynamics to improve outcomes in cardiac emergencies.

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